Why Choose Service Apartments Rather Than Hotel Rooms

These days, you may find it expensive to rent a hotel room. As appealing as it may appear, it is not yet the best option if you want to go with a better and budget oriented accommodation regardless of the period. Get apartments for rent in hendersonville tn. The services and facilities provided by these service apartments hosts assure a delightful and pleasing stay. You may even conduct a meeting at your service apartment with any issues. A hotel bill for an accommodation of 5-10 days exceeds quite a bit as compared to the rent of a service apartment for the same period.

Service apartments are usually situated in the mid of the city to make it more accessible for the guests to reach their destinations within the city without any troubles. Even a person stranger to the city won’t find it much difficult to get to his/her desired destination from the service apartment complex. They are mostly located amidst markets, restaurants and institutions so that the guests could easily reach them in the least time. It doesn’t matter if you are alone or with a family/group, service apartments feed all purposes with the most convenient services.

Services and facilities provided by service apartments:

Utilities and household appliances:

Unlike hotel rooms, serviced apartments have well-equipped kitchens within the apartments. This provides an advantage to the guests in case they are willing to eat self-prepared fresh meals rather than dining out. They have all the essential equipment and utensils for convenience in this regard.

Connectivity facilitation:

Hotels do have internet connectivity service yet they have poor connectivity and slow-speed as the connections are being shared by all the guests. However, each service apartment has its own dedicated server connection to allow swift connectivity and speedy networks to the guests.

General facilitation:

General facilitation includes parking facility, maintenance staff, translators, traveling solutions, laundry service, translators and housekeeping services. Service apartments provide all these facilities as per the guests’ requirements. While hotels often lack most of these facilities based on their category ranging from 3-star to 7-star.

Ease of accessibility:

Hotels are mostly situated near tourism sites whereas service apartments are located in the central hub of the city to allow the guests to get to any destination with ease and convenience. They have markets, malls, institutions, theaters, public transportation hubs and restaurants at walking distances.

Privacy and security:

Privacy and security are essential elements during the stay of guests. Although hotels are known for security, yet the privacy often feels to be lacking when the guests are bothered by housekeeping and cleaning staff twice a day. Whereas service apartments assure that the guests get full privacy as well as best security. They are equipped with CCTV cameras throughout the complex and the cleaning/housekeeping staff only visits when requested by the guests.

There you have it. These are the reasons why service apartments are recommended over hotel rooms. The cost might vary, but it’s the amenities that matter the most.